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Information is essential to gaining a competitive foothold. Whether it is a race to market or to discovery, accurate, reliable information facilitates critical decision making for corporations, investors and scientists.
We provide:

Custom searches for individual projects
  • Sound business and research strategies require authoritative and thorough knowledge of current technologies, competition and recent scientific advances.
  • We have invested in and maintain proprietary database subscriptions that give us broad, deep research capabilities.
  • Our analysts’ industry experience ensures that our reports carry the most pertinent information in clear, succinct language. Our detailed sourcing ensures your confidence in our results.

Information monitoring for ongoing project needs
To stay one-step ahead of the competition, it is essential to know the latest industry developments. Our analysts can create an information tracking program specific to your unique project needs.

24/7 Access to Customized Cient Database
We will create and maintain —or train your team to manage —searchable databases customized to your unique needs. This ensures that your entire team has access to critical information when they need it most —whether they are working together in one location, or collaborating across the globe.

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